Scuba Diving

5 good reasons why you should scuba dive

Scuba diving is both sport and adventure and gives us the chance to explore the exciting world of underwater life. Directly, without filters. Beyond the spirits and the “fun” side, scuba diving has positive effects on the physical, emotional, psychological and even social levels.

Improves concentration

While Scuba Diving, we are obliged to keep the right trim: this requires concentration. Besides, we are in contact with many forms of life, so it is good not to disturb and not to bother the magnificient underwater animals. Yes, even the ugliest fishes on earth deserves a bit of respect. All this entails a good workout in maintaining full control of the muscles while paying close attention to the marine environment around us.

Diving against stress

Beyond the fact that the natural element of water, in itself, scuba diving helps to fight stress and is a relaxing experience for the whole body, given the sensory context: the dull sounds, water, the deep blue sea, the sinuous movements of the sea creatures.

The physical benefits, yes, but also the mental benefits. Let’s not forget that once in the water we are in a weightless environment, lulled by the current. We challenge anyone not to find some peace under the surface where the problems of work and everyday life can not reach us.

Learn how to appreciate the beauty of nature

We start from the assumption that there is much more water on our planet than mainland, inhabited by elegant, beautiful and fascinating life forms. There is nothing like diving with whale sharks or other impressive and amazing fishes.

The underwater world has an impressive variety of life and only diving can bring us in contact with these gifts of nature. At every dive you can encounter new forms of life, some never seen before (unless you are marine biologists eh). You don’t need to go dive on the World’s best diving sites to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

Learn scuba diving

Diving takes us to explore our abilities and sometimes our limits. It’s a continuous test of our organizational skills, problem solving, rescue and maybe photography and underwater shooting. The Scuba diving courses are fundamental, from first to, and are the source of many knowledge that could also serve us in everyday life. Water also requires a good deal of self-control to cope with any problems that may arise. Social benefits

Doing diving courses in diving clubs gives us the chance to meet new people who will most likely become dive companions and maybe lifetime friends. While diving you always have to rely on your mates, in mutual help. In my opinion is one of the best ways to make healthy and lasting relationships. Diving with a buddy is a matter of trust and attention to one an other. In addition, underwater is a cross-country sport and it attract people of all ages, nationalities and social spheres, which gives us the opportunity to expand our network of knowledge with all that comes from it. Come on, if you never dived you should try scuba diving

Diving to stay fit

Although underwater does not require special workouts, however, it is an activity that means going out in the wild, in the midst of nature and requires a minimum of joint mobility and physical fitness. It is sometimes challenging to move your gear or dive when the current is pretty strong. But no worry, you can dive if you are not fit and you can also dive with Asthma

In conclusion, if you like the sea and spend hours in front of the photos of National Geographic, after reading this post you have no more excuses and should book a dive and maybe even your PADI Open Water. Indeed, when you will have passed your first level, you should know that there is different diving courses that will allow you to discover more and more things about diving and the underwater world.

Once you have carefully studied the manual and learned how to avoid the risks of scuba diving, you will be able to go dive in your next holidays, anywhere in the world.

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