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ASIWO Sea Scooter

Ride the Deepest Wave with ASIWO Sea Scooter

Water scooters are extremely popular among tourists and adventure enthusiasts, especially those interested in activities in open waters. As a result, companies have been developing reasonably priced scooters to capture the steadily rising demand for these vehicles.

The global water scooter market size is expected to expand rapidly owing to the increasing availability of budget-friendly water scooters.

One of those budget friendly scooters in the market now is ASIWO Scooter.

With smooth propulsion, fast travel, and safe usage, the ASIWO sea scooter lets you explore the sea like never before.

Dive Into Happiness

Whether it be the deep blue sea or your backyard swimming pool, the ASIWO sea scooter takes your water adventures to the next level!

Who Are ASIWO?

ASIWO was founded in 2008 and has been remaining manufacturing water sports equipment for more than a decade. Its latest innovation, ASIWO Manta, which is an underwater thruster, has been sold to over twenty countries and has established a solid presence in Europe and North America.

ASIWO Philosophy

Not only from design to manufacture, but ASIWO also focuses on fulfilling consumers’ needs and expectation from sales and services. Every ASIWO product promises quality, performance, value and professionalism. More importantly, ASIWO’s products are manufactured to the highest international standards of safety, performance and reliability. When customers buy ASIWO, they are buying confidence.

Manta S Underwater Scooter – Conquer The Ocean


The Manta S Underwater Scooter lets you explore the deepest of waters for up to 90 minutes without any effort at all, thanks to the powerful battery-powered propellers. Instantly switch speed, maintain balance, retain direction, and go anywhere. Experience what true freedom feels like!

Swim Anywhere

The Manta S Underwater scooter can be used in waters as deep as 50m (164ft) so that you can explore the sea the way it deserves to be explored! You can swim alongside the fishes with a speed of up to 1.5m/s (4.9ft/s) and can instantly regulate your speed with an easy 3-gear mechanism.

Safety First

Designed to be safe for both adults and kids, the propellers are fully encased to prevent any contact with the user. If you lose your grip, the scooter automatically shuts down and floats to the water surface. It also has a safety lock to prevent any misuse

Portable & Lightweight

Weighing at just 9.7lbs (4.3 Kg), the Manta S underwater scooter is lighter than even water. Thanks to its feathery, buoyant build, it automatically floats to the water surface when not in use. The compact size makes it possible to carry it in a handbag. You can even carry it on a plane!

Capture Your Moment

The Manta S underwater scooter comes with a built-in GoPro mounting bracket so that you can film your marine experience and preserve your precious memories.

One-Hand Mode Underwater Scooter

The Manta S underwater scooter allows you to wave at a shark or touch a turtle, thanks to its ingenious one-hand mode. As you hold the scooter with one hand, the motor on your side generates more power to retain balance and direction, freeing up your other hand to maximize the fun.

Manta Underwater Scooter Battery


Manta Battery

The 126Wh Manta battery is compact and light. It can give you a range of 1.8 Kms (1.1 Miles) in fast mode, and a run time of up to 45mins!

Manta Pro Battery

The 252Wh Manta PRO battery is built to endure. It can travel up to 3.6 Kms (2.2 Miles) in fast mode and has a runtime of 90 minutes!

What Comes In The Box?

  • Sea Scooter
  • Battery Pack
  • Charing Cable with US/EU Plug
  • Adapter
  • Protection Leash
  • Waterproof Bag
  • User Manual

Wait for our Unboxing & Trial Video for ASIWO Scooter in the Red Sea …

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