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Best Electric Jetboards for 2021

By Mike Zed, jetsurfingnation.com

The new exciting sport of jet boarding is taking over the world with new electric surfboards and efoils appearing almost every month!

One of the biggest problems with traditional surfing is finding the right day with the right swell, right wind direction, the right tide, or the right weather condition… The truth is that, for most of us, traditional surfing is just nonstop paddling, battling with choppy and messy whitewash, or just sitting for hours in a crowded lineup fighting for a rare set when an ocean becomes a flat lake. In other words, traditional surfing is becoming more of a chore than a hobby.

With the invention of motorized surfboards or jetboards, there is no need to wait for the right moment to have fun. We can finally make our own waves and surf on our own terms. The invention of the motorized surfboard has brought a level of freedom to the surfing industry never seen before! The basic concept behind this stems from the fact that jetboards are powered by their own jet engine. This allows them to cruise along virtually any kind of water body including lakes, rivers, and even flat oceans!

They are also incredibly fun, addictive, and give you an amazing feeling of freedom and control over the water.

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Here are the best jetboards available right now handpicked by the JetSurfingNation team!


Radinn is a Swedish company that released new Carver and Freeride models which should be a vast improvement over an old Radinn wakejet model.

The company is very active on social media and targeting luxury water toys and yacht owners.

The new XL Power Pack gives up to 45 min run time according to developers with up to 52 km/hour top speed and weights about 42kg.

A few months ago we had a great chance to meet the Radinn team and test out some of their amazing new boards.

Onean Carver

The Onean Carver Twin and Carver X were both created by a talented Spanish team of engineers with the goal of ending the need for waves to surf. The Carver X lives up to its name with dual jets and dual batteries; it was designed to carve up water and was intended for more experienced heavy surfers. The new model Carver Twin with its dual jet and a single battery is designed for casual surfers and lightweight riders. These models both have foot straps, a wireless remote, a battery, and a leash. Great design and affordable price when compared to other models.


Ewave electric jet board has a 6000 RPM engine promising the top speed of up to 56 km/hour and a battery life of up to 35 minutes. The best part about this board is its new dual system which lets you switch between a jetboard and hydrofoil attachment, making it the first “two in one” solution on the market combining jetboard and efoil together as an interchangeable system. The riding time in efoil mode is significantly longer and provides you with more than an hour of cruising above the water surface.

This hybrid machine lets you enjoy the rapid turns, jumps, and adrenaline rides! Make sure to check our full tests and interview with the developers of ewave before you buy it!


With a new German modular system MO-JET, you can choose from a variety of nose modules that combine with the same jet motor to give you five different boards in one: a jetboard, a diving jet, an inflatable, a rescue board, and the bodyboard! And soon – efoil!

Mako Slingshot

Mako is one of the best petrol boards on the market, launched by a talented British team. Mako is fast, powerful, and lightweight, able to reach speeds of 50km/hour and over 1 hour of riding time, providing you with tons of fun and adrenaline rides. This year, Mako developers are releasing a new model with a more powerful engine and improved reliability and performance.


EWAKE is a new electric jetboard from Germany. Their “Greed for speed” catchphrase is a bold and impressive claim. Their new board is fully hand made and fully customized – a very unusual shape with 2 or 3 jets.


Motojet is a Korean 18 Horsepower, 123 CC, and 2 Cylinder petrol jetboard providing high speed rides up to 50 km/h.


This powerful but very heavy German jetboard with two batteries and one jet provides up to 40 mins of fun ride with crazy speeds of up to 68 km/h and an acceleration rate that can go from 0 to 50 in just 3.3 seconds.


YuJet is a cool Lamborghini-looking orange jetboard from the USA that promises up to 40-minute ride time with a high-powered replaceable battery, it’s great for beginners and people getting started in jetboarding.

Lampuga Air

The Lampuga Air is another German jetboard that has an inflatable body and is great for beginners and rentals. This family-friendly version lets you learn jetboarding in a matter of minutes!

Awake RÄVIK and new Ravik S

Awake RÄVIK S is a promising high-end Swedish jetboard that can get from 0 to 50 km/h in just 4 seconds and should deliver a 56 km/h ride! Make sure to check our latest review to find out more about this amazing and powerful jetboard.


The king of jetboards is still dominating the market. Thanks to constant innovation from its developers, it never gets old and keeps improving each year. This time the developers surprise us with the new Jetsurf Electric and DFI models – first-ever fuel injection for 2-stroke watersports engines!

Jetsurf is the brainchild of engineer Martin Sula from Czech Republic who created a whole new way of enjoying waves at high speeds and even started a professional motosurf federation. Jetsurf weighs only 20kg making it extremely portable and lightweight. This machine comes in several variants; petrol models like Sport, Adventure+, Race DFI, Race Titanium, and now also Electric model. Coupled with their amazing design and a strong carbon fiber body, this petrol surfboard has successfully dominated the market over the last 10 years, creating a new way of enjoying waves at high speed, up to 64km/h! Check our recent interview to find out more about the new Jetsurf DIF, Jetsurf Electric, and its new models!

This year, Jetsurf is also offering the new Adventure+ model which has an alternator that allows you to charge your battery while you ride it making the ride time virtually unlimited, just put more gas and go! The electric model is better for beginners, it’s zero local emissions design is environmentally friendly, it is very easy to learn, and still provides enough power for a ride up to 50km/h for 35 minutes of pure fun!

There are many other jetboards on the market but most of them are either not on sale or barely tested so we can’t recommend them yet.

Our honorable mentions include Torque Ripnoster by Australian developers, ESurf powerful electric jetboard, Korean Jetwake that is releasing a new version, German Waterwolf jetboard, Mertek Electric surfboard, Boost Fin paddle assistant system for surfers and many more great names.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed our list and become a part of this exciting new sport of motorized surfboards.

If you want to learn more about each board from our list, make sure to check other videos on our JetSurfingNation channel where we meet the developers and ride and test their boards together!

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