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Diving History

It seems that since life evolved in the sea, humans have long been trying to dive into the depths of the oceans one way or another. Our fascination with the sea stretches back thousands of years. Given that this planet is two-thirds water, should it really be called Earth?

History has witnessed many attempts to dive into the depths of the sea, either using the method of stifling the breath or using aids to obtain air underwater.

Our topic will be about the development of those methods that man tried to use to breathe under water and reach deep depths.

885 BC

An Assyrian carving shows what appear to be armed men using small sacks to breathe underwater, allowing them to infiltrate their enemies.

1500 A.D

Leonardo da Vinci designed a diving suit and breathing system. Made of pigskin welded cane tubes and reinforced with steel grommets to counteract the effects of water pressure.

1690 A.D

Dives are recorded from 90 minutes to depths of 18 meters (60 feet). An improved later version allows Haley to stay immersed for more than four hours.

1715 A.D

Diving suit by French designer Pierre Remy

1715 A.D

The airtight oak barrel, designed by John Leesbridge, was used to salvage valuables from shipwrecks. Andrew Baker, developed a similar system in the same year, but his system included a system of tubes for inhalation and exhalation as well.

1810 A.D

Chunky Hull diving suit, made of wood and supported by iron grommets, as seen in the design.

1819 A.D

The first suit was made with weights, by German August Seib 1819 AD, and waterproof fabric was added in 1837 AD. This type of helmet and equipment has been in use for two centuries

1878 A.D

A suit with 20 small holes for visibility designed by Alphonse and Theodore Carmagnol in Marseille, France.

1943 A.D

The first fully automatic, self-contained diving unit with a pressure regulator and pneumatic cylinders, the diving suit invented by Cousteau-Gagnan. And the development is still going on.

Diving History in Pictures

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