Diving Tourism in Egypt Between Hammer & Anvil – 3

A vision from a strategic perspective of structural reform to develop the tourism sector

1- Incentive Programs

By launching a package of various stimulus programs that contribute to maintaining the sustainable tourism growth of the tourist movement.
The aim of it: is to maximize price competitiveness to increase the incoming tourist traffic to Mather, in coordination with the Ministry of Civil Aviation, through:
– Simplify administrative procedures
– Setting specific dates to ensure quick termination of service
– Giving incentives to upward segments on stimulating trips

2- International Relations

Re-formulation and development of relations with international institutions and the use of international expertise
Its objective: is to increase the competitiveness of Egypt through:
– International cooperation projects in the fields of tourism development.
– Maximizing the ways to benefit from all international grants in the field of training for knowledge exchange, through:
1- Linking the cultural heritage of Egypt with the tourism promotion program (the itinerary of the Holy Family’s journey to Mithr, Mount Transfiguration in Sinai, visiting Pharaonic temples and museums … etc.)
Create an incentive for the local population to push them to protect and preserve archaeological sites
Develop sustainable plans to manage and preserve marine sites from damages caused by overuse
2- Digital transformation in the field of tourism through cooperation with the Ministry of Communications, especially in the field of information technology, to create an electronic environment that links the state’s plans in the field of tourism development with small and medium-sized companies to provide support services for emerging projects to strengthen the service and production link between them and large companies
3- Monitoring all grants provided to the Ministry from other countries and reviewing international agreements to maximize the use of them by directing them to the targeted sectors in accordance with the training and technical needs of workers in the tourism sector to increase the returns from them on the development of the sector

3- Tourism statistics

Recommends and measures the components and precipitation of tourism activity and its contribution to the national economy to provide a comprehensive and detailed tourism database that highlights the intertwined relations between the tourism sector and the various sectors in the country, through:
– Carrying out incoming statistical surveys in cooperation with:
1- Central Agency for Mobilization and Statistics
2- Air, sea and land ports
– Study and analysis of data issued by the information and decision support centers, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation

To Be Continued ..

Nasri Salib

PhD Researcher

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