Diving Tourism in Egypt Between Hammer & Anvil – 4

A vision from a strategic perspective of structural reform to develop the tourism sector

In order for the tourism industry to be able to take off from its current situation to achieve the previous vision referred to in the past three episodes, there must be a radical change in some axes that affect this pivotal sector of the Egyptian economy, both internally and externally, namely:

First: Legislative reforms of laws, decisions and regulations regulating the tourism sector:

This is done through some operational procedures:

Reaching a consensual formula for the necessary amendments to the election list for touristic chambers that sometimes prevent the completion of the elections or the non-continuation of the legal period for some chambers.
Review tourism laws and work on their amendments or changes to comply with the changes of the times and international standards.
Simplifying the administrative procedures for all the Ministry’s activities to obtain the necessary licenses.

Second: Tourism activation and promotion:

and that is through

1- Tourist exhibitions:

Active participation in international exhibitions that have a positive impact on the tourism movement, which contributes to increasing the national income from the hard currency that the country needs at this time.
Organizing international exhibitions and conferences on the homeland, targeting the wealthy community in the tourism field, and setting up some incentive programs for them – as we mentioned earlier.
The use of modern interactive technology and digital media in designing exhibitions in line with global marketing trends.

2- Launching promotional campaigns:

Launching a new promotional campaign to improve the mental image of the Arab Republic of Egypt – the new republic – by seeking the help of international alliances in this field and by preparing global meetings in international channels to broadcast messages.

3- Using modern promotional mechanisms:

Researching the most appropriate methods and modern tools to be used in promoting tourism to Egypt at all levels (media – advertising and marketing – social networking sites – tech show programs …. etc.) in line with global trends.

4- Preparing an entertainment agenda:

It includes frequent global events, festivals, exhibitions and conferences at fixed and specific times for each area of ​​the tourist attractions.

5- Opening new and non-traditional markets:

Diversity of sources of tourists traveling to Egypt (East Asian countries, led by China – Latin America – Gulf Cooperation Council countries…).


To Be Continued …

Nasri Salib

PhD Researcher

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