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How to avoid nitrogen narcosis ?

What is the nitrogen narcosis?

Nitrogen narcosis also called Martini effect, is the sensation of being “drunk” at depth. It is explain by the fact that the high partial pressures of nitrogen experienced by scuba diver on deep dives affect the brain, it can cause a sense of euphoria, reduce coordination of movement, lead to poor judgement, and in quite rarely provoke memory blackout.

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How to prevent nitrogen narcosis? What to do if you experience Nitrogen Narcosis?

1) First of all if you want to avoid nitrogen narcosis, better not go deeper than 30 meters, indeed nitrogen narcosis is rarely observed above this limit. Deeper you dive more the risk of “Martini effect” increased. So if you plan to do a deep dive you should always keep an eye on your dive buddy and if he starts to show sign of confusion you should directly take him at lower depth and wait until the symptoms stop.

2) More you dive more you know your own limit. If you stay in your limit you won’t put you in danger and will avoid such situations.

3) To prevent Nitrogen narcosis it is recommended to descend heads up, not too fast and to slow down from 30 meter deep.

4) You can also limit the risk of nitrogen narcosis by using nitrox or other mixed gaz (you will need a license for this).

For you next dive trip, please put all the chances on your side by following those few tips. Happy Bubble!


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