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Innovative ‘Spray On’ Scuba Wetsuit

Latex wetsuit that feeds the fish

How many of us have sworn up a storm struggling to put on a wetsuit? Well now, an innovative company from Germany thinks it has the answer – the world’s first ‘spray on’ latex wetsuit.

The incredible Scubatex comes in an aerosol can, and once you are at the dive site, you simply give it a shake for a minute or two to activate the contents, then liberally spray it on. It dries in seconds, creating a flexible ‘second skin’ of latex, which is apparently the equivalent warmth of 3mm neoprene, but is neutrally buoyant, so reduces the amount of lead that is required.

When you are finished diving for the day, you simply ‘peel off’ the suit. The specially formulated latex is made from carefully cultivated natural rubber plants, and is completely biodegradable.

Latex wetsuit that feeds the fish

Plus, an active ingredient is finely ground fish food, so you can even throw the suit remnants overboard and give the marine life a hearty meal.

One 500ml can of ‘latex wetsuit’ is supposed to provide enough latex for ten applications for a ‘full suit’ for the average-sized adult diver, those of a slightly more ‘robust’ frame maybe need to invest in additional cans…

Diving in the tropics and not need so much exposure protection? Shorty wetsuit versions can easily be created by donning the supplied knee-high socks and long-sleeved gloves before application.

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