Journey Across the Red Sea

Exclusive Interview with Waleed

July 14 2019, a very special day for Egyptian diving community specially in Hurghada. It was PADI IE 2019

Diventures Magazine was there, and get the chance to set an exclusive interview with Captain Waleed AbdulMoubde, PADI Corse Director, and we asked him to introduce himself to our readers, he said:

“Waleed AbdulMoubde Certified Course Director at PADI, 42 years old, Egyptian and I love Egypt, I love also sea food”

When you start diving?

“I was resident of Hurghada, that’s why I loved the sea and everything related to it, and at the weekends I was always going to sea trips. Also my father, he was a coast guards officer and had a good relation with the dive centers in Hurghada, and Captain AbdulLatif AlBahar he was my first trainer and I learned from a lot of things.”

When you start scuba as a profession?

“In 1997 I finished the Divemaster course with a German trainer called Valter in Sea Star with Dr. Wael Nassef brother of Dr. Hossam Nassef, the Dr. Hossam recommended me to Mr. Essam Hassan in Dax diving center in Mangrof Village, and their I earned a lot of experience. In 2000 I got my Instructor degree with course director Mustafa El Sayad, after that I started the scuba diving trainer career. For two years I worked with Captain Mustafa, and I learned from him besides diving accounting for diving centers. In 2002 I moved to “Diving D” diving center in Axia Village. In 2005 I started my own business in selling and maintain diving gear and I called it “Nemo Tech”. In 2011 I moved to Saudi Arabia.”

Why PADI?!

PADI for me is a value, in my point of view PADI is the most profession association in this field. And It is No.1 all over the world.

Journey Across the Red Sea

After 25th January revolution had a negative impact on economy and especially in tourism sector, so I arranged a visa to Saudi Arabia with help of my relatives and I moved to a small diving center called “Atlantis” in Al Kattan Village in Sheeba 90 Km south Jeddah. I used all my experience in this center, and with help of the diving community in Saudi Arabia it becomes a 5 star PADI diving center.

PADI Course Director

Everyone encourages me to get the Course Director degree, my friends, my colleagues, my wife and my kids, they all push me forward to this step. And I’m sending special thanks to Captain Safi Azhari, and Captain Ehab Gawi they helped technically to earn this degree. In March 2017 I traveled to Malysia and passed the tests and became PADI Course Director thanks to Allah. And in April 2017 my first group of instructor got their degrees.

Shark Family

Summer 2018 in Hurghada, I got the idea so logo and the name created, and also social media accounts for Shark Family Team published. But the real launch for Shark Family Team was in April 2019 with the help of my closest friends Ayman Ibrahim, Islam Al Mamlouk, Abdullah Al Fedawi, Mohamed Aslani, and Nasser. We started environmental activities in cleaning reefs in Jeddah, also started diving trips to Rabigh in Saudi Arabia, and we arranged seminars and webinars in the diving fields on of them with Dr. Hossam Nassef.

We started a lot of collaboration with many diving centers in Jeddah Blue Reef Diving Cente in Bahader Village with Captain Maatouk, Scuba Master Diving Center with Captain Ahmed Khalfan and Captain Mahdi Al Dajan, and we have collaboration with Diventures Magazine.

What Captain Waleed teach?

All PADI levels, IDC Course, Specialties Courses, First Aid Course

Why you came back to Egypt to start IDC?

I’m from Hurghada, it’s my homeland, and I know that I have to go back to home one day. That’s why I started IDC sessions in Hurghada 2019, and with collobration with Dive Pro Diving Center in Sahl Hashish with Captain Khamis El Sayed and Captain Ahmed AbdulNasser.

At The End we thanks Captain Waleed for this exciting interview, and we wish for him good luck in his life 


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