Francesco Pacienza

Francesco Pacienza, explorer of movement photography, was born in Cosenza on 13.04.1963, initially he enrolled at the university but then left his studies to cultivate his true passion: Photography. He graduated from the prestigious European Institute of Design with a specialization in fashion photography and jewelry photography; he studied the light with the Director of photography, winner of 4 Oscar awards, Vittorio Storaro; and continues to teach photography through various means. Yet part of the beauty of his images cannot be memorized, studied or reproduced: they are pure magic.

Countless are the awards received, as well as the exhibitions and publications that all over the world have paid tribute to his extraordinary production as a photographer.

The skillful use of light makes his images unique.

He has published some books on photographic techniques since 1992, from the Optical Bench to the basics of underwater photography.

His latest publication is from 2019: “Behind the Lens” – advanced techniques of Underwater Photography, also in PDF and in English version .

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