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Moscow Dive Show 2022

The Largest Exhibition for the Water Man in Russia and Eastern Europe

On February 17, the annual Exhibition for the Water Man, the largest event in Russia and Eastern Europe dedicated to all water and underwater hobbies (diving, freediving, spearfishing, yachting and surfing) — Moscow Dive Show 2022 will open in the capital of Russia in Gostiny Dvor exhibition center.

Gostiny Dvor Exhibition Center

For four days in February, the huge atrium of the Gostiny Dvor will be filled with everything necessary for the life of the waterfowl people: fins, masks, wetsuits, regulators and underwater guns from leading domestic and world manufacturers for adult and young ichthyanders. The Diving Project sector is dedicated to the equipment, technology and training of commercial and military divers. And one more separate zone is given to those who conquer the waves from above — for yachtsmen and surfers.

The travel industry is not inferior to equipment sellers at Moscow Dive Show. Dive centers, bases, hotels, as well as organizers of trips and yacht regattas will present to the public not only well-known routes, but also completely new ideas. The distant atolls of the Maldives, the underwater world of Saudi Arabia, which was recently closed for tourism, whales and killer whales of the Shantar archipelago, amazing Chukotka and the subtropical island of Moneron and new facets of Egypt will meet with aquatic people in the new season.

Egypt Special Zone

For seven long years, Russian divers could not quickly and conveniently fly to their favorite region – the Red Sea in Egypt. Egypt holds the status of the “most beloved” consistently from year to year. According to the results of a survey for visitors of Moscow Dive Show 2021, more than 35% of those, who were able to dive outside Russia in 2020, went to Egypt. In 2019 there were about 50%. With the opening of direct flights, we all expect a sharp increase in the Egyptian direction, despite the negative factors of COVID19. In order to strengthen and support this trend, we have allocated a special area on the floor plan of Moscow Dive Show 2022 for compact accommodation of Egyptian dive centers, hotels and safari yachts.

Noncommercial and sport organizations will introduce innovations in training. Schools for divers and skippers are waiting for new students. Special attention is paid to children, as well as to people with disabilities in combination with boundless will. On Thursday, there will be a block of performances on the main stage dedicated to para-diving and para-yachting.

Not only residents of Russia, but also guests from Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries of the former USSR, choose their equipment and book tourist trips at the Moscow Dive Show.  The exhibition is the main event of the year for everyone who is fond of any kind of water activity.

Registration Area

The cultural program of the exhibition in 2022 includes more than a hundred performances on the main stage and in the conference hall. The best of the best will share the secrets of their skills, show photos and video reports about their unique expeditions on a huge screen, and answer questions from the public. The delegates of the coastal tourism industry and organizers of trips to the Russian seas will be the special guests of the exhibition. Every evening on the main stage there will be a conversation about the specificity of diving, spearfishing, fishing and yachting on the Black, White, Barents, Japanese, Okhotsk and Bering Seas. The brand ambassadors of the exhibition in 2022 are two deepest people on the planet: Ahmed Gabr (Egypt) and Alexey Molchanov (Russia). Mr. Gabr’s performances dedicated to the Red Sea are scheduled on our stage.

Another bright event is the annual large-scale exhibition of underwater photo art. While snapshotting on land is available to everyone with a smartphone nowadays, underwater photography still requires special training and equipment.

The most eventful day — Saturday, February 19 — will end with two brightest shows: Heroes of Depth and the beloved Gift Hour, where every visitor will get a chance to win equipment, travel or a training course.

The Gourmet mart and food court are established for a good mood and a festive atmosphere. Wild oysters, fish and caviar, honey and nuts, farm products and gifts from a forest — it’s necessary to try everything and not to forget to take something home

The ticket is valid for all 4 days of the exhibition. A family ticket opens access to the exhibition for dad, mom and children at once.

The schedule, the layout of the participants’ booths, route to the exhibition center, the webpage where you can buy tickets, and all other information about the exhibition is on the official website of the event http://www.moscowdiveshow.ru.


We are waiting for you in February at the Moscow Dive Show 2022!

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