Rabigh Camping &Diving Trip

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Shark Family took a diving and camping trip from Rabigh Beach on the Red Sea in cooperation with the Manta Diving Center in Rabigh.
The divers have made several beautiful shore dives, which feature unique coral reefs and diverse marine livings.

Captain Waleed, training director of PADI, explained in detail how to shore dive, and the difficulty to reach the reef. He explained the nature of the coral reefs at Rabigh Beach, explaining that the area is considered virgin for the lack of diving activities in that area. He explained to the team the nature of marine life in brief. He then explained the formation and distribution of groups.

Captain Waleed at the beginning of the lecture introduce who is Shark Family, and explained the meaning of the team’s sign.

If you are from Jeddah, or from the Western Region in Saudi Arabia and you would like to dive, do not miss the opportunity to dive with Captain Walid and Shark Family Team, where diving is different with Shark Family.

Shark Family

Shark Family is a underwater divers start from Jeddah and it will be all over world.

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