Sharks Are Our Friends

Sharks are the ones that must be protected from humans.

Sharks are one of the first sources of income for some countries in the world that depend on beach tourism, and the income of some countries is approximately $ 500 million annually, and perhaps much more than that, sharks have gained the false reputation that they are deadly as a result of the wrong films that have been promoted.

Sharks and marine life are safe and we must look for ways to protect them, so we must spread the correct culture in preserving the sea from the waste that is thrown, and overfishing if it is found in front of you. You must be the first line of defense because that is part of the nature of your work as a diver or as a shield of protection for the sea world.

Shark Facts

  • Sharks have existed for 400 million years.
  • There are 500 types of sharks.
  • Sharks have a skeleton of cartilage and their livers are filled with oil so that they can equalize buoyancy in the water.
    Some types of sharks require about 20 years to reach sexual maturity.
  • Pregnancy periods for sharks are approximately from 8 months to 12 months, and they lay approximately 2 to 20 sharks.
  • At least rest the female from pregnancy for a period of one year.
  • Sharks eat about every 6 weeks.
  • Shark speed ranges from 8 to 70 km per hour.
  • Some types of sharks dive to a depth of 2000 meters.
  • Sharks feed on sick and wounded animals. They act as cleaners for the sea and maintain the balance of power.
  • Sharks diversify from the nature of their diet, and thus sharks do not destroy an entire species.
  • The number of sharks decreased to approximately 70% due to ignorance in dealing with them and overfishing.
  • About 40 million sharks are killed annually worldwide due to the use of their fins and some parts of their bodies in restaurants.
  • The file of the International Organization for Shark Attacks recorded in 2010 about 80 shark attacks on humans, only 6 of them were in a serious condition (compared to the fact that humans kill about 40 million sharks annually).

From the previous points, we conclude that sharks are the ones that must be protected from humans.

At those rates of killing for food one day the ecological balance will be disturbed.
Sharks are very important, and it is noted that sharks alone can be a very important source of income for some countries.

We must search for a plan of action in cooperation with divers who are present in the sea daily in preserving the nature that we possess. We must reach scientific solutions that will preserve and raise the efficiency of the sea due to its economic and environmental importance.

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