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Top Electric Hydrofoils for 2021

By Mike Zed, jetsurfingnation.com

The new exciting sport of electric hydrofoils or efoils is taking over the world with new efoils appearing almost every month!

Let’s have some fun and take a look at the best and most promising electric hydrofoils.

This time we’ll exclude all untested efoils, DIY efoils, and prototypes, Chinese ripoffs of the legal brands sold on Alibaba marketplace, and boards that are not ready for sale yet!

In case you are wondering, most efoils have very similar characteristics – about 28 to 35 kg weight, around 1.5 hours of riding time, 2.5 hours to charge, and the price range from 6 to 12 thousand USD. True, they are pretty expensive luxury water toys but remember it’s a next-generation product and that involves a lot of expensive research and development especially in making a powerful electric battery that can be safe for use and fully waterproof.

Efoils are easy to learn even if you have no surfing experience. They are fun, addictive, and can be used everywhere – from calm lakes to wavy oceans. A zero-emission electric motor is noiseless and provides an amazing feeling of flying over the surface of water.

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Are you ready?

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Here are our top picks by the JetSurfingNation team!

There is no particular order, they are all great products and provide very similar flying experience but differ in quality, price, and customer service.


Lift Foils is one of the oldest original electric hydrofoils; one of the main pioneering machines in this industry. Lift is a product created by Nick Leason and his team from Puerto Rico. Currently, Lift is one of the market leaders shipping a big amount of high-quality efoils around the world and developing new models of wings and styles. Lift Foils is known for its wide range of board shapes, a foldable propeller, and a big and active community of Lift fans and followers. You can watch a detailed video review on our channel to learn more about this exciting product.

Flying rodeo

Rodeo is an exciting efoil from Slovenia, this machine was developed by the talented engineer David. We had a chance to meet David and his team and tried out the board last year. Flying rodeo is lightweight, sturdy, and provides over 1 hour of exciting foiling action. Unfortunately, the board is custom made so it will ship only in small amounts.


Waydoo is a new promising Chinese brand formed from Kickstarter that offers several models such as Waydoo Flyer ONE and Carbon version which feature Plug&Play design, the world’s first cordless battery, and affordable price. It’s also very lightweight and fun to ride.

Unfortunately, for its low price point, it comes with several known quality issues (as expected) and the motor is pretty noisy compared to other efoils on our list.


e-Takuma is also known as Avante efoil in North American markets. This company offers a fun and affordable foil from Takuma

Concept, a famous French-Japanese brand that is also producing traditional hydrofoils and wings. It features a modular system and should let you ride up to 75 minutes, gliding at a speed of 35 km/hour. Their new smaller model called carver is lighter and has a longer mast which makes it better for pro riders and wave riding.


Powerfoil is a promising French foil by Chris from Redwoodpaddle

Like in many other boards, the electric foil is separated from the board, which will allow the board to be adapted according to its weight, but also the possibility of changing boards according to the evolution of one’s own practice. A beginner will easily start with a large inflatable board, for example, but will be able to move on to a small rigid board overtime for more maneuverability.


Ewave is a very interesting revolutionary concept that combines both efoil and electric jetboard, two in one! The Ewave electric jet board has a 6000 RPM engine promising the top speed of up to 56 km/hour and a battery life of up to 35 minutes. The best part about this board is its new dual system which lets you switch between jetboard and hydrofoil attachment, making it the first “two in one” solution on the market combining jetboard and efoil together as an interchangeable system. The riding time in efoil mode is significantly longer and provides you with more than an hour of cruising above the water surface.

This machine lets you enjoy the rapid turns, jumps, and adrenaline rides! Make sure to check our full tests and interview with the developers of ewave before you buy it!


FLITEBOARD is an outstanding efoil from Australia which combines the quality and the top features that every hydrofoil user desires. Fliteboard comes in several shapes and sizes, including the inflatable one for easier learning. Everything about fliteboard screams high quality, and that’s why it is one of the top picks among all hydrofoils this year! Make sure to watch the interview with the developers and our tests on our channel to learn more about it.

There are many other hydrofoils on the market but most of them are either not on sale or barely tested so we can’t recommend them yet.

Such efoils include Chinese Hover Foil H5 by Havospark, candy-looking foil from GetFOIL which should be finally shipping this year, PegasusFoil from Singapore with modular click design, CabraTec which is a Czech Republic development, Neptune X from Efoilfly, Manta efoil and many more!

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed our list and become a part of this exciting new sport of motorized surfboards and efoils.

If you want to learn more about each board from our list, make sure to check other videos on our channel where we meet the developers and ride and test their boards together!

Thank you for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe to Jetsurfingnation!

I’ll see you in the next one! Cheers!

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