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Sahl Hasheesh has a subtropical climate. Summers are hot and dry and winters are mild and warm. The air temperature averages 30-33C/89-91F in summer and 17-19C/62-66F in winter. The best time to dive is August, when the water temperature is at its peak, 28C/83F. It doesn’t rain often here. The visibility is excellent, 10-30m/32-98ft. Currents are generally moderate (1-2 knots).

What to see

Sahl Hasheesh has many underwater creatures, such as Stone Fish, Scorpion Fish, Angel Fish, Crabs, Nudibranchs, Grouper, Seahorses, Octopus, Puffer Fish, Spanish Dancers, Leopard Grouper, Jacks, Sea Turtles and Barracudas. 

Scuba diving in Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh is a popular destination with great resorts on the Red Sea Coast, located in the Hurghada region in Egypt. The closest international airport is Hurgada that is located in 20km/12mi from it. Two monumental columns are located in the entrance to the resort area. Once tourists pass through the columns, they plunge into the atmosphere of the powerful pharaoh era with all its magic. This area only has luxurious five-star hotels along the coastline, making it a perfect spot for wealthy travelers. Sahl Hasheesh Bay has several offshore islands and pristine coral reefs that provide excellent opportunities for diving. The spectacular underwater views and variety of marine species will charm divers. Scuba diving in Sahl Hasheesh is an exciting adventure. The average depth is 5-15m/16-49, but it may be as much as 30m/98ft at some dive sites. Some dive sites are accessible by boat and others directly from the shore.

Most popular dive sites

Sahl Hasheesh has various dive sites. The most popular sites are Abu Hashish North and Abu Hashish Lagoon, which are suitable for divers of all levels. Gota Abu Makadi and Abu Makadi Middle/South are in Makadi Bay. Diving is easy, and divers can explore sandy plateaus and coral reefs. 

SUBEX Dive Center

At the Baron Palace’s long, well-kept sandy beach, you enter the water via the 110 m long wooden jetty. The diving area “Um Hasheesh” stretches to both sides and has many smaller and larger reef blocks that are full of marine life. These can be found distributed in diving depths from 2 to 14 metres in the area of more than 6000 m² investigated so far.

Between the coral blocks are seagrass meadows and sandy bottom. The diving area is so large and varied that you can easily do up to 10 dives in the bay without getting “bored”. The steel cylinders are of course taken to the end of the jetty, where divers comfortably enter from the stairs.

The House Reef

Especially floating over the wide seagrass meadows and dunes is a very special diving experience and creates a unique atmosphere. On the search for the small and shy inhabitants of this special underwater landscape, the experienced eye will find many worthwhile delicacies.

Seahorses, many young fish, snails, squids and many types of coral provide variety and are particularly suitable as photo motifs. Due to the orientation lines laid by SUBEX, the “Um Hasheesh” area is also ideally suited for “unguided” dives (depending on the diving experience). Also sundowner and early morning dives (of course without surcharge) with their special light conditions and creatures are among our offers.

Daily Boat Trip

For divers who want more area variety or prefer greater diving depths, we also offer the diving program of the base in Hurghada El Dahar from the Baron Palace.

The transfer from the hotel to the harbour is included at the boat exit and starts at 7:15 in the morning, the boat leaves the marina at 08:00 o’clock. Because of this early start time we are often the first and only divers at the morning dive site. The selection of areas – as far as wind and waves allow it – is always made according to the experience and wishes of our guests. There are cliffs, wrecks and many different reefs that we reach with our own dive boats.

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