DeepBlu COSMIQ+ Dive Computer Review

Scuba diving is a marvelous adventure, that’s why we called our magazine Diventures (Dive + Adventures), and  every time you dive, you hope you’ll see something new. Sometimes the ocean gives you a gift, sometimes it doesn’t.  DeepBlu give us a gift that helps us in our adventures, COSMIQ+ Dive Computer.

COSMIQ+ Dive Computer

COSMIQ+ Dive Computer is designed to bring an entirely hassle-free diving experience to scuba divers and freedivers. The COSMIQ+ is easy to read and operate and synchronizes wirelessly with the Deepblu app, allowing you to effortlessly create digital dive logs that you can keep as a memory or share with your peers.

We ordered the dive computer online, after the order confirmed we received an email from DeepBlu sales team to confirm the payment, send us the product manual, and notify us that we’ve to download the DeppBlu App for synchronization with dive computer.

We received the dive computer in a strong fancy case, and it contains, COSMIQ+ Dive Computer, plain strap, camouflage strap, magnetic charger, 2 screen protectors, quick start guide, and of course a strong fancy carrying case.

Before Using

First you have to charge the computer with magnetic charger which is strongly attached with it. After that it’ll be easy to explore the dive computer with only 2 buttons, the left button lets you scroll and the right one lets you change the settings. Press both buttons and the computer goes On or Off. When it’s connected to your smartphone you can change the settings from there.


There are six modes in COSMIQ+. Watch Mode, shows the current time and date and allows you to make a dive plan. Scuba Mode, Measures and displays all vital dive information while scuba diving. Bottom Timer Mode, Your COSMIQ+ acts as a depth gauge and timer and DOES NOT perform any decompression calculations. Freedive Mode, measures and displays all vital dive information while freediving. Sync Mode, Allows you to sync your COSMIQ+ with the Deepblu app to transfer dive data and change the settings.

We got the White/Grey color, but if you explore the website you will find variety of colors

DeepBlu App

The dive log on the computers only hold 25 dive logs, that’s why you have to download DeepBlu App for Android or iOS, to sync your dives. The DeepBlu App not just a dive log it like a social network for divers. You can share your dives, pictures, and videos you captures and mention the depth of each pic and video.

We dived with COSMIQ+ Dive Computer in Dahab, it was a wonderful experience. Because of it nice design everybody wanted to see it, and we let many divers try it and compare it with other dive computers, and the feedbacks were very positive.


Nothing is complete, and that’s make us human and seeking for development. we’ll list the pros and cons of COSMIQ+ Dive Computer according to our experience and as per the experience of other lead divers who tested it.


  • The battery lasts no more than 12 hours, so you should charge it continuously. It is not good to leave it on standby, especially if you are thinking of flying.
  • The screen reflects sunlight in shallow water this makes it difficult to read on the surface.


  • The Cosmiq + battery lasts because it is rechargeable, so you don’t have to buy a spare battery.
  • The computer size is suitable with a readable screen.
  • The colors of the display are highly visible underwater and the size of the details displayed on the screen makes it easy to understand your depth and time.
  • Connecting to your smartphone always keeps Cosmiq + updated.
  • It has an accurate depth measurement as we compared it to a Suunto dive computer.
  • It features a wonderful design and it’s suitable for men and women.
  • As for its potential its price is suitable.

Where to buy DeepBlu COSMIQ+

To get your COSMIQ+ Dive Computer, please follow this link Shop COSMIQ+

And for our readers and followers there is a 50 USD discount code: DIVENTURES

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