How to Make Underwater Bubble Rings

We’ve all seen someone casually making bubble rings with their hands while whiling away time on a safety stop. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make underwater bubble rings for yourself, here are a few easy tips and tutorial video.


  1. Get in a vertical position
    If you’re swimming in a horizontal trim, it’s important to alter your orientation so you can manipulate your bubble stream.
  2. Tilt and breathe
    This gets your bubbles moving upward so you can get things started.
  3. Disperse bubbles
    Use a flat palm to knock the stream of bubbles downward and in front of you.
  4. Press your knuckles together
    Make two closed fists and bring your knuckles together.
  5. Use the force
    Forcefully knock the stream of bubbles outward by quickly pushing your fists outward and to the sides.


  1. Get in horizontal position
    Position yourself so that you’re facing the surface so your air bubbles will rise toward the surface.
  2. Take a deep breath
    Get your air supply ready, but remember not to hold your breath while scuba diving.
  3. Remove your regulator
    Make a point to securely hold your regulator while trying this so it’s close at hand when you want to put it back in your mouth.
  4. Stick your tongue out and extract
    Stick out your tongue and quickly suck it in so it forces the air out in the form of a bubble.
  5. Keep your tongue as round as possible
    Keeping your tongue in this shape will help you achieve the best results.

Source: Scuba Diver Life,Hugo Mattsson

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