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30 Years Serving Diving Industry

Scuba Plus Founded by Karim Helal in 1992.

The idea started when Karim Helal discovered his diving passion in 1991, and he searched for diving equipment in Cairo. He realized that there’s is only one dive shop in Heliopolis! He established Scuba Plus with Jean Michel Dib, his partner at that time and with valuable help and contribution of Jennifer Sutton (Khanfoura), and Massimo.

Scuba Plus boasted a whole array of brands making their way for the first time in Egypt as Poseidon, Sea Quest, Henderson, Body Glove, Apollo, Apeks, DiveRite, OMS, Beauchat, Dacor, Oceanedge, Suunto, Uwatec Aladdin, and more…, and was the first PADI 5 Star IDC center in Cairo.

Now Scuba Plus Diving Club Celebrating 30 Years …

We interviewed Mr. Karim Helal (The Founder) and congratulate him, he starts saying : “By any standard 30 years is a life time …” and he continued : “I consider myself to be so fortunate and blessed, to have had a life time with Scuba Plus , and the underwater world from 1992 till now and counting.”
He said about his beginning as a banker: “My first life was a banker in 1972, it was an immensely exciting chapter that i have thoroughly enjoyed with all its ups and done, which took me from Cairo, to Bahrain, Hongkong then London.”
“Fate will have it that upon my return to Egypt in 91/92, i would discard my business suit and don a wetsuit…the start of my second life as lover of the sea, and as Scuba diver professional.”
About the starting of Scuba Plus he said: “Scuba Plus went in a vert short period for its humble beginning in an apartment in Zamalek, to become the celebrated hub for all divers and divers wanna be at the magnificent flagship store and school at the newly opened World Trade Center.”
“I am not exaggerating when I say that in those years Scuba Plus and scubadiving became a way of life to so many.”
He also said: “When I look back at this journey, and all the wonderful people I met, and some I lost along the way, i can only feel blessed, humbles and grateful that I was given this unique opportunities. I think the most amazing thing, is that if you pass by Scuba Plus today, and you were one of the originals as I call it, you will be greeted by the very familiar and friendly faces Of Osman (OOZY) عثمان جمال, Ahmed Khalifa (The Iron Man), Mohamed Sawwan Sâîd Môhâmêd & Yasser Sadeek, my life time companions on the wonderful journey, along with of course the new generation who carry on the tradition led by Tamer M. Hussein.”
“There are many memories, bitter and sweet, but all are unforgettable and for which i will eternally be grateful..”

Scuba Plus is the authorized dealer for Aqualung, Apeks, Xdeep, REEF & OrcaTorch.



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